Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Worship Service Like? 

As the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America states, in worship "We gather. We encounter God’s word. We share a meal at the Lord’s table. And we are sent into the world. Worship is an encounter with God, who saves us through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ." This being said, we gather, hear God's word through readings, have a short sermon, pass the offering plate, take communion, and leave feeling bathed in God's love.

How Long Is Service? 

Worship is about an hour long, sometimes it runs a few minutes long and sometimes a few minutes short.

May I Take Holy Communion If I Am Only Visiting? 

Absolutely!  We allow (and in fact encourage) all baptized persons to attend communion.

I Have Special Foods Needs. Can I Still Take Holy Communion?

Yes. We offer Gluten-Free wafers and Grape juice. Simply let the pastor or communion assistant know of your need.

What Should I Wear? 

Wear whatever you are most comfortable with; some members wear suit jackets and dress formally and others wear jeans. It is up to you what to wear, we are just glad to see you come!

Am I Expected To Take Part In The Offering? 

No, you are not expected to give. It is under your discretion whether or not to participate in the offering. If you do decide to participate, please know that all gifts given during our offering will go directly to helping the social service agency of the week (with the noisy offering) or the day-to-day operations at St. Luke.

What If I Have Kids, What Can They Do During Service? 

Encourage your children and youth to participate in service. Help your child or grandchild learn the liturgy, encourage them to join us for the Children's Sermon, bring them to the table at Holy Communion, show them how to worship. We are so excited to have them with us, and we know that God put the wiggle in kids, so don't worry if they feel the need to move around.

If they need a bit of break during the sermon, we have church bags filled with crayons, puzzles, coloring pages, and other small things to play with, in the back. Simply ask an usher.

Where Are The Bathrooms? 

They are directly outside the Sanctuary, along the hallway to Gloye Hall.


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